***This excuse will not work in room 31:)

Homework packets will be sent home each Monday and due back on Friday.  Students are expected to work on homework no more than 20 minutes each night (in addition to home reading).  You can expect the following most weeks:

1.  Spelling lists (pre-test given in class on Monday, test each Friday)

2. Math review pages (based on concepts we studied that week in class).  With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, math instruction looks quite different from what most parents experienced. Most weekly homework packets will include 2-3 “Teaching Pages” for nightly math homework.  Students will have the exciting chance to see if they understand the new math strategy taught in class well enough to explain it to a parent or older sibling who may have learned it differently.  Being able to teach a concept is an engaging, higher-level thinking skill that students enjoy.

3.  State Book Letter Page – To be completed and submitted online using Google Classroom

4.  Home Reading – students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes each day.  (Please record home reading minutes on the front cover of the packet)




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